The ‘Global Real Estate Investment Market 2019-2023’ delivers a comprehensive study of the market trends, segmentation, growth projection, technology mapping, and a competitor analysis.

Stable economy, technological hotspots attract vast pools of investment, and diversified economy is driving new demand for commercial and residential investments. North America.


Residential real estate investments consider the majority of the global real estate market, which are property and premises aimed at private use. Usually, they are dwellings consist of homes, condominiums and apartments, but residential premises include sport and holiday facilities, university halls of residence and religious premises. Private dwelling is the most important and popular consumption need due to a natural need for shelter by individuals and families.

Government investment in North American construction and infrastructure projects continues to grow and fuels expansion in the industry because ramping up transportation grid capacity, or replacing deteriorated urban infrastructure, expands the market for real estate.

Global market expansion is being fueled by rising disposable incomes for individuals, the rapid growth of E-commerce and favourable government policies, as well as changing economic and lifestyle trends, remote working arrangements and demographic shifts.


While population growth and urbanisation should enhance the demand for commercial real estate, growing personal incomes will bring about increasing numbers of commercial real estate purchases.

There are three segments of whole world as far as the global real estate investment market is considered. Property sector, purpose and distribution channel are referred to those three parts. Each of them consist three, two and three parts respectively.
Residential property, retail property and industrial real estate are belong to each property sector. And office, hospitality and other usage make every purpose to each. Every distribution channel has two parts, being divided into sales or rental transaction.

As a result of current macroeconomic conditions, real estate investment activity has been tepid this year. But senior industry sources interviewed for this 2024 outlook expect a resumption of investment activity if the macroeconomy improves and some clarity is achieved over the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy path.


The profit in real estate is unusual. Investing in real estate is both a very good return on money and an outstanding source of passive income. Various reasons are behind the boom of this industry. including population growth that leads to more urbanisation, low interest rates, changing lifestyles with the time, e-commerce development, growing disposable income in individuals, the need for modernised infrastructure, the potential of working from home, changes in population demographics, and government facilities.

Real estate in North America makes up a larger share of the global market than anywhere else. In addition to a wealth of tech-focused ecosystems that drive innovation and a growing demand for commercial and residential real estate, the region is known for its economic stability and steadily rising population, which makes it an attractive option as much for investors as for occupiers.

This report analyses the global Ride-Sharing market during 2018-2032 and helps stakeholders to identify the opportunities and understand the dynamics and various restraints, drivers, and challenges. Finally, it provides mathematical models to showcase the future market growth and expansion.


The global real estate investment market is growing steadily at a rapid rate due to three main reasons of fast urbanization, an increase in disposable income of individuals, and changing in lifestyle trends. There are many reasons that the real estate market is growing at an increasing rate such as people are showing more interest in business, globalization. This report includes some graph and pie charts to estimate the current trends and dynamics of the different market segments using a model called Porter’s five forces. this will help to find when and where we can invest real estate today and in future.

North America is a prominent contributor in the international real estate investment market as it has a strong pulse with its mostly flourishing economy plus impressive dynamism in urbanization that can be supported by a conducive tech ecology. It has been increasingly attracting international investors as an economic hub spawning fertile global talent. Regrettably, the COVID-19 pandemic is currently imposing rigid lockdown regulations that have disrupted most of the infrastruture construction which will hinder some movement in this region in the short term – until the infection passes.

Hotels & Resorts

Hospitality real estate investments specifically focus on facilities serving tourists and visitors, including hotels and resorts. To invest in this field, investors should perform a careful investigation into both the demand drivers and management situation (including finance, property portfolio and industry outlook) before they finalize the decision to make the investment.

The hotel REITs industry is especially cyclical because occupancy rates can experience extreme changes and the hotels are prone to intense competition by other hotels and resorts that can cause price wars that could threaten REITs price competitiveness.

To lower risks for their investment portfolios, investors need to select the right property type. For instance, those properties strategically located near tourist attractions and looking to attract leisure travelers could show lucrative returns, particularly during peak seasons when higher occupancy rates come with more revenue. Value-add hotels that could be purchased could be another good investment, as these assets provide a chance for renovation and increase in the level of services, which results in higher profits in the long term.

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